Digital Ecosystem In Facebook Company

Q1: To what can be attributed to the ascendancy of Facebook to reach dominance in the digital ecosystem? Facebook has become the most powerful social media network globally that also acquired some other highly popular social media networks that can be a threat to it like Instagram. The main reason for its popularity is that

Digital Transformation

The digital transformation process refers to an integration of digital technology across all business functions. Overall, the process of digital transformation intends to change how the business operates and delivers value to the final clients. It is also cultural changeover that demands businesses to constantly challenge the existing situation, try out new things and get

Facebook Data Breach Issues

  The Case Facebook is the most popular social media platform in the world. It is a highly profitable business which is growing very rapidly. However, there are issues and scandals recently about its ethical practices and it is believed that the company is compromising ethical practices for profitability. The biggest scandal came about American

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