The digital transformation process refers to an integration of digital technology across all business functions. Overall, the process of digital transformation intends to change how the business operates and delivers value to the final clients. It is also cultural changeover that demands businesses to constantly challenge the existing situation, try out new things and get familiar with failing results. Considering the video, it is important as well as salient that one should not celebrate technology. Rather, businesses must celebrate the success they gained through using innovative digital technologies provided by leading companies like Microsoft (Nadella, 2020). In the field of marketing, digital transformation is considered as the execution of digital technologies across all business areas to develop more sustainable relations and better identification of clients. The process of digital transformation is the driver that moves business functions in a forward direction. Marketing gurus not just need to search for novel opportunities to utilize technology to improve their offerings but should also make sure they secure their competitive position in the market.

The key benefit of digital transformation offers a valuable option for central business functions like finance, marketing and HR, to shift ahead from labor-intensive procedures and mechanize main areas such as marketing campaigns, surveys. This enables marketers to concentrate more on business opportunities (Chaffey and Ellis-Chadwick, 2016). The digital transformation process has been getting a strong footing since it brings value to interactions with clients. The future of digital technology is promising since businesses are investing more in IT and the acquisition of novel skills. Digital transformation plans are continually increasing and many leading companies who have digitalized themselves would concentrate on staffing candidates, who specialize in digital capabilities such as analytics, mobile application, and design thinking. It seems important for businesses now to incorporate all of their strategic programs and to comprehend how and where the digital marketing strategy fits within the overall business plan of a company.


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