Dear Members of the Selection Committee,

The rationale for applying to the specific country 

I am thankful to you for considering my request to attend the —- semester of 2019 at —University. If selected, I will be a — year student in MBA Executive.

There are several reasons why I desire to be part of an international exchange program. This is an irreplaceable chance for me to live in another part of the world and immerse and develop the international perspective to my managerial knowledge, background,and experience by learning about different people, culture and language. Particularly, I aminterested in going to Australia due to the richness of its culture and because it has a great reputation for welcoming foreigner visitors. Moreover, as someone who prides himself on their ability to communicate across cultures, I believe I would be the perfect fit for a program that incorporates students from around the globe. Moreover, Australia is the third most popular destination for the student in English speaking countries. Moreover, the cost of living in Australia is lower whereas the standard of living is one of the best in the world. So I am sure that it would be a great experience for me as a student.

What contribution to the London Business School community you are planning to make

I want to contribute to the London business school community by enhanced my learning and share my experiences with my school mate. I also want to take part in activities that would help me giving back to school like through volunteering. Basically, I want to learn new things through these activities as new knowledge and challenges motivate me and I believe they make me a better person. By doing an MBA, I want to be a great business manager. A manager is someone who is best at managing people in this modern business environment and London Business School’s social activities and the way it provides education enhances people management capabilities. I want to be adept at managing people basically along with developing other critical business management skills, like expertise in corporate finance. Corporate finance is important as most of the business fails because the management fails to manage the cash flows for the business appropriately.

How you will be an ambassador of London Business School and make contributions to the partner school 

London Business School has taught me professional behavior, people management, public dealing and knowledge in business management. I will take these capabilities and body of knowledge with me to the new school in a foreign country. I am going to behave in a professional way and work hard enough to not only earn my degree in flying colors but also demonstrating that the students from London Business School have great capability to learn. My behavior, technical knowledge,and results would contribute to the already great image of the London Business School. I would also take part in philanthropic activities through volunteering and charitable donations.

Demonstrate that you have considered the implications of going on exchange 

Before applying for study abroad, I have conducted a lot of research in order to make sure which country would be best for me regarding gaining diverse knowledge, experience,and management capabilities along with dealing with diversity in terms of people and places. I also look forward to the challenges that I will fact as a resultoLook at some student exchange essay samples.f living and studying independently abroad, which I haven’t done so far. Through my research, I gathered knowledge that how life would be different in Australia than what I am living at home, and I don’t think that I would be making too many adjustments there. Life in Australia would not be much different from what I use to have here in my home country.

I would also look for part-time job during the study in order to ensure that I never feel pressure due to finances. Although my family is going to support me, but still, having excess money is always helpful. More importantly, it would give me invaluable experience of working in Australia, an international experience that may end up helping me landing at the right kind of job immediately after completing my graduation. This is because working both locally and in some foreign country would give more shine to my resume. Moreover, it would also help me in my career, in the long run, having diverse and international experience.

Therefore, I am confident that studying in Australia as part of the student exchange program would give me necessary knowledge, experience,and learning that would help me fulfil my career ambitions in a better way.

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