• A good conclusion always states the brief or summarized form of the main topic
  • It must comprise of all the main points
  • It is the rephrasing of the main thesis statement
  • Do not simply repeat the main points in the conclusion
  • Mention or cite the main topic of the essay in the form of equivalent concepts
  • It should include a provoking thought in the mind of readers related to the main topic
  • An effective and relevant quotation of any famous writer or philosopher can be included in the conclusion that is directly related to the topic
  • Include the significance and importance of the main subject in the essay
  • Create the true to life image in the mind of reader
  • Try to direct your reader into a new point of view related to topic
  • It must bring the sense of closure to the readers
  • Suggest the course of action and include the points that forces reader to think
  • It should be easy enough and easily understandable by the readers
  • It must be linking back to the main topic
  • Try to combine all the main ideas in a logical flow
  • Avoid including the any other new idea that is not part of the topic
  • Conclusion should be ending on a positive note and providing a hope to readers

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