An essay is a structured form of writing which uses facts, research, and explanation to establish a concept, case or a point. You may be told to submit a variety of types of essays. Both structure and substance of the essays are determined by the academic degree, body of knowledge, and curriculum design. The common essay types that are widely used in colleges and universities are argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays.

An essay project is divided into three key phases:

Prepare a plan: 

Choose a subject, undertake research, then write an introductory paragraph.

Develop thesis:

State the thesis in an opening phase, support it along with facts in the main body section.

Concluding statement:

You need to summarize the overall idea of the thesis statement inside the conclusion section.

Important features involved in essay writing

When you begin to write an essay, you must know exactly what you desire to convey and how would you like to communicate to the readers. To ensure readiness, here we discuss some important guidelines and significant tips that you must be following.

Be aware completely of the subject:

  • First of all, you need to determine your essay’s purpose along with the questions such as what are the pros and cons regarding the topic and what important points to be discussed.
  • Moreover, you need to identify the tone of the essay as to how you would like to go about it.

Choose a question:

  • In most cases, instructors assign the project to college and university students.
  • However, if you are given the chance to select a topic of the project on your own, then you must pick something that you enjoy talking about or can write on easily have some kind of prior knowledge about it.

Conduct thorough analysis & research: 

  • To write an essay, one of the most important components you need as a writer is to conduct a complete research on your chosen subject or problem before you begin to write on the project.
  • Gather all the relevant information and resources at one place to be used later in the essay.

Construct brief outline:

  • In this phase, you need to create a sketch of the general framework of a project.
  • It would make it simpler for you to work systematically while making it easy for the readers to comprehend your ideas.

Important do’s and don’ts of writing an essay:

  1. You need to stick to the main argument, problem, or question instead of talking about multiple issues.
  2. Concentrate on language, tone, vocab, and precise selection of words.
  3. As a writer, your top objective should be to make sure that overall essential aspects of the thesis are addressed.
  4. Avoid inserting countless details in the essay project as it might cause problems arranging it’s comprehensive flux properly.
  5. The most crucial aspects should be chosen as well as planned out to include in the essay project.

This information provides you with the details that every student is looking for regarding how to write an essay for better results. You can also learn how to write an essay outline, which will make your essay writing easy and outstanding.”

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