GDP One OF The Great Invention OF The 20th Century

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Question: GDP, One of the great Inventions of 20th Century!! The article emphasizes the importance of being able to measure an economy's output to improve government policy Looking at recent news, can you identify one economic policy debate or action

BA561 Final Exam

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Question 1. [20 points] MIS Topics. In class, your classmates presented many topics around the use of technologies, new trends, and topics of interest. Choose one topic, different from yours, and provide a summary of the main concepts and issues

Digital Ecosystem In Facebook Company

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Q1: To what can be attributed to the ascendancy of Facebook to reach dominance in the digital ecosystem? Facebook has become the most powerful social media network globally that also acquired some other highly popular social media networks that can

Digital Transformation

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The digital transformation process refers to an integration of digital technology across all business functions. Overall, the process of digital transformation intends to change how the business operates and delivers value to the final clients. It is also cultural changeover

19B 4 txt app WhatsApp omg

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Facebook and Whatsapp are two important and widely used social networks which are currently using by millions of users throughout the world. In the year 2014, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Facebook announced the acquisition with Whatsapp for a

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